Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow!

So I appear to be carrying the burden of bringing lovely New England weather with me wherever I go, even to palm treed-desert Jordan.
All of you Virginians might remember the winter of 02'? When school was cancelled for a week straight and we missed so many days of school that the public school system had to extend their days until 4:30 and we had school until the end of June?
Then of course there was last year, when it snowed almost 2 feet the day before I was supposed to fly out to California! And then followed the winter of the McElaney's culminating in our move due to winter flooding.
Well now, here in Amman Jordan, for the past two days it has snowed. We have about 4 inches because it keeps melting with the slush rain that comes in between bouts of snow, but it is snowing nonetheless. Pretty awesome though! 

Check out this picture of snow all over the palm tree outside my window! 

So we had a snow day this past thursday, and a delay already for Sunday, so that's all very great indeed for me! (just as long as we don't have to make up days!!)
Sunday, you ask? As it occurs to me, I realize I may not have mentioned a crucial point that the weekdays here in Jordan (and the Middle East in general) run from Sunday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday being the weekend. It was hard adjusting to last semester, but pretty easy this semester--the real test will be when I return to the states!
So while I'm gone, and New England is facing a pretty much non-existant winter from what I'm hearing, I guess I'm to blame for having taken all the snow with me to Jordan (where it only snows every two or three years... during January...) Don't ask me why its snowing the first week of March, I guess the groundhog (if they have those here) saw me, and decided to award and shower Jordan with continued cold and freezing snowy winter! 


  1. OMG!beautiful picture! great commentary!

  2. I think that's so cool that the week runs Sunday to Thursday, it's the little things that make you go, "oh she isn't in America" Miss you!
    ~Lindsey W